Robotic Hammering

Bluegrass is the world leader in robotic hammering. Our unequaled equipment resources of small to large Brokk robotic hammers and operators have been supporting projects across the construction industry spectrum since 1986.

Electric/hydraulic robotic hammers allow for the breaking or modification of any concrete structure or refractory castables into any size or shape, even if heavily reinforced.

What Does Robotic Hammering Do?

Robotic Hammering 101

Finger tip control allows precision breaking in all dimensions, for through-wall or roof penetrations as well as massive foundation removals. The small machine footprint permits ganging machines in tight areas for maximum production. Remote operation by infrared or cable control enables the robotic hammers to perform hazardous concrete demolition work while keeping operators at a safe distance. With available deployment from suspended platforms or elevated slabs, our robotic chipping hammer machines can be craned to tackle any obstacle.

Our breaking specialists operate with 40 hour HAZWOPER, 10 hour OSHA, Radworker, daily safety meeting and job hazard analysis training, to provide best practice concrete demolition solutions on any site. Background checked, drug tested and US citizens, committed people are the backbone of our demolition company.

With over 30 Brokk robotic hammers, Bluegrass can rapidly mobilize the required equipment resources to satisfy your project needs.

Brokk 150 Data Sheet

In the demanding field of confined space demolition, small size and great strength are a powerful combination. The Brokk 150 remote demolition machine packs many times the hitting power of a jackhammer in a unit small enough to fit through most doorways. What’s more, the lightweight precision digital remote control allows you to operate the Brokk at a safe distance from the work area. With the Brokk 150, you work smarter, not harder.

Brokk 250 Data Sheet

The Brokk 250 is the original model. The basic concept was developed in the mid 1970s. A powerful combination of reliable technology and continuous development are the basis of the Brokk 250’s success around the world. Unlike other members of the Brokk family, the 250 rides on rubber wheels. This makes it especially suitable for tasks where the state of the foundation requires extra consideration.

Brokk 330 Data Sheet

The Brokk 330 is the strongest demolition robot in the Brokk series. It is also the demolition robot that currently has the highest capacity in the world. You can equip the Brokk 330 with tools such as hydraulic hammers, concrete crushers, drilling equipment, different types of buckets, etc. with a weight of up to 550 kg (1210 lb), even though the machine only weighs 4200 kg (9240 lb). When you need extra power for maximum capacity and efficiency, the Brokk 330 is your obvious choice.


Since 1979 our innovation, problem solving and safety record have reinforced our worldwide reputation for excellence. When you partner with Bluegrass, rest assured your project will be our top priority. Our reputation was built on consistently providing the highest quality service in the industry. 

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