Plunge Sawing

When the backside of a cut cannot be directly accessed, Bluegrass configures a plunge saw to make the cut.

Plunge saws run a continuous wire loop through multi drive wheels. The technicians move the saws into position by first core drilling access holes. The saw drops into the holes, and the cut is made by pushing the wire down between the holes. This push cutting technology requires fewer set ups than commonly used methods, thereby increasing efficiency. A classic example is the Ruskin Dam job, where we used plunge saws to cut stairsteps up the slope of a hydroelectric dam.

How Do Plunge Saws Work?

The Pioneer of Diamond Wire Sawing

In 1979 Bluegrass became the first demolition company to use diamond wire saws for controlled demolition. Since then, our saws have been used in all major industries to cut an array of materials and objects, but primarily concrete and metal structures. Cutting through anything from steel encased concrete and concrete retaining walls, to heavily reinforced rebar, Bluegrass saws and operators earned a reputation for consistently delivering a reliable and cost effective solution.

This originally land base sawing technique would eventually see depths of 5000+ feet when we introduced our patented underwater diamond wire saw in the early 21st century. To date there has not been a job we cannot do.

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