Nuclear Decommissioning

Providing engineering support and innovative segmentation solutions in all phases of decommissioning projects Bluegrass has unparalleled success in concrete and metal cutting including man access cuts, hatch enlargement, containment wall penetrations, dog house cutting for SGRP’s, elevated platform removals, fuel pool and canal segmentation, fuel transfer canal segmentation, CRDM cutting, reactor nozzle cutting, heat exchanger cutting, ion guide tube removals, steel plate stabilizer cutting, and carbon containment liner cutting.

Bluegrass offers predictable outcomes and safe solutions for projects such as containment penetration, reactor nozzle cutting, floor and wall shaving of contaminated concrete, condenser segmentation, foundation modifications, bio-shield wall removal, reactor shield plug cutting, rupture restraint cuts, and stack removal. Utilizing reliable, consistent techniques, equipment and personnel to decommission nuclear facilities, our commitment to safety and quality is unparalleled.

Precision Decommissioning: Unmatched Safety and Quality

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