Heavy Civil

Bluegrass is the industry leader in fast track, selective cutting and removals of mass concrete and steel structures supporting America’s infrastructure. We deploy project-specific equipment and trained, experienced technicians with meticulous attention to safety for consistently on-schedule completions.

Our diverse range of demolition projects include cutting relief slots in 100′ thick hydroelectric facilities, 8′ diameter steel turbine shafts, reactor shield plug removal, surgical removal of a 250′ ventilation stack, turbine shaft foundation modifications and pier and column removal.

Our inventory of diamond wire saws and wire, robotic percussion hammers, support equipment, and experienced technicians enables us to respond to civil demolition projects around the country and worldwide. Our safety first attitude is company culture from top management to trainees.

We are unique to the industry because we design, fabricate, test, and deploy our own equipment in-house, allowing us to provide engineered solutions for project of any size and scope.

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Maintaining project shedules and budgets since 1979.