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Bluegrass Companies and our subsidiary Bluegrass Concrete Cutting Incorporated (BCCI) are the industry’s foremost authority in concrete cutting. Our team of skilled professionals and innovative equipment possess the unmatched capability to expertly cut concrete of any size, dimension, or complexity, ensuring precise specifications are met under any circumstance.

The Bluegrass Bit name is known throughout the industry for innovation and the ability to complete the most challenging concrete cutting jobs safely, efficiently, to specific tolerances, and on schedule. Our engineering team is continuously customizing equipment and developing new techniques specifically for cutting all types of concrete. Our goal is to constantly improve performance across all of our business services, from the machine shop to accounting, and include but are not limited to accuracy and efficiency, expedited mobilizations, successful containment of effluents, and an overarching vigilance regarding safe operations. Our concrete cutting demolition services include the below.

Precision Concrete Cutting is Our Fundamental Specialty

Wire Sawing

We are unmatched in the industry when it comes to wire sawing concrete. Bluegrass diamond wire saws take the lead in precision cutting concrete of any configuration, above and below the waterline, in all conditions. Our wire sawing expertise and techniques set the standard when projects require removal, renovation, demolition, or upgrading concrete structures.

Diamond Wire Rail Sawing

Many concrete cutting projects lend themselves to using our patented diamond wire rail saws. On these jobs, defined by factors such as scope and structure configuration, we deploy our customized rail saws to get the job done within budget and on schedule. Bluegrass Bit is the only concrete cutting company using this technology. Our innovative diamond wire rail saws are robust, uncomplicated to deploy, and custom-designed and constructed for each job. 

Core Drilling

Our concrete core drilling services are a versatile solution often used on concrete cutting projects alone and combined with wire sawing. We have the equipment and expertise to core drill up to a diameter of 42”, at any angle, to depths up to 50’, through a variety of materials, including metal, and in challenging environments, including underwater conditions.

Slab Sawing

Also called “flat sawing,” slab sawing is used to support our diamond wire sawing service. From deep cuts to precision scores through concrete and other materials, our slab saws are equipped with diamond blades and operated by experienced technicians.


Our decades of experience in all industries, technical expertise, custom-designed and fabricated equipment, experienced technicians, and engineers join forces to find solutions to execute decommissioning projects successfully. Decommissioning and removing facilities and structures pose unique challenges, and our experience, expertise, and excellent safety record are sought by contractors in all industries to support projects of any size and scope.   


Since 1979 our innovation, problem solving and safety record have reinforced our worldwide reputation for excellence. When you partner with Bluegrass, rest assured your project will be our top priority. Our reputation was built on consistently providing the highest quality service in the industry. 

The Concrete Cutting Results You Need

Regardless of the scope, nature, and location of your concrete cutting job, Bluegrass Bit has the experience and resources to get the job done to your exact standards. Founded in 1979, we are recognized as the industry leader in advanced diamond wire sawing technology and non-explosive methods for cutting concrete.

Superior Concrete Cutting Services Across a Range of Industries

Our highly qualified and experienced team has the equipment, technical expertise, support staff, and depth of experience to accomplish concrete cutting projects of any scope or size. Bluegrass is the preferred concrete cutting contractor in a variety of industries.

Heavy Industrial

Diamond wire saws are ideal for heavy industrial demolition projects involving cutting metal and concrete of any dimension and configuration, including in confined or awkward spaces and any environmental condition.

Heavy Civil

We are the industry leader in concrete cutting projects on infrastructures such as bridges, highways, stadiums, and dams.


Bluegrass Bit has successfully completed hundreds of concrete cutting projects in the nuclear sector involving wall and floor cutting, containment penetration, foundation modifications, and stack removal. 


We have the knowledge, credentials, experience, and robust equipment to handle the particular demands of offshore concrete cutting jobs from topside and module removals to pipelines, piles, and seabed umbilicals. 

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