Rail Saw / Frame Saw

Our patented rail saws are designed and built to be versatile and robust.  Proven performers across a range of industries and conditions, they reliably maintain schedule.   These saws are designed to deploy and set up underwater with ease, even in limited visibility conditions, and are also easily moved and positioned by crane.  The rail saw makes both vertical and horizontal cuts and transitions easily between the two.  Like all our custom saws, they can be adjusted and adapted in the field by trained operators.

Rail saws, also known as frame saws, are innovative tools designed for precision cutting in diverse and challenging environments. These saws excel in versatility, capable of making both vertical and horizontal cuts with ease. Engineered for robust performance, they can be quickly deployed and set up, even underwater or in limited visibility conditions. Ideal for a range of industries, our rail saws are built to adapt on the fly, ensuring operational efficiency and precision on every project.

Understanding Frame Saws / Rail Saws

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