About Bluegrass Companies

Founded in 1979 and headquartered in a renovated textile mill in Greenville, AL, Bluegrass is comprised of Bluegrass Bit Company Inc., Bluegrass Concrete Cutting Inc., Demolition Technologies Inc., and The Machine Shop. The company became well known in the demolition and decommissioning business for advancements in diamond wire sawing as a non-explosive method and a technique for cutting concrete and metal underwater. 

Pioneers in Diamond Wire Saw Design

Innovative diamond wire saw designs have been developed and patented by Bluegrass and are used in a variety of applications across a broad spectrum of industries.

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In addition to our headquarters in Alabama, we have offices in Broussard, LA, Houston, TX, Dubois, WY, Malaysia and Indonesia. We design, build, and test our own saws and components. We recruit and train our own employees. We provide clients and partners with feasibility reports, engineered solutions, and demonstrations. Every job we take on, regardless of size and scope, is supported by a team of engineers, machinists, mechanics, project managers, and administrative staff.