CDM Topside Compressor Base Cuts

Compressors Removed from Operating Platform in GOM.

Topside Concrete Cutting


Grand Chenier, LA, Gulf of Mexico


Plains Gas Solutions


CDM (Craig, Dean & Meyers)


In order to maintain the structural integrity of the platform yet release the I-beam supports, the cut line was required to occur immediately below the beams in a space less than 2” deep. Another challenge on this working platform was controlling sparks so operations could continue uninterrupted.


Technicians core drilled holes 8” in diameter and 2” deep under the I-beams and used floor brackets with 6” wheels to position the diamond wire and prevent sagging. In a closely monitored environment where gas leaks are a constant concern, Bluegrass’ cold cutting technology which encapsulates the wire in water as it cuts provided the solution for spark free cutting. An additional safety feature was our ability to locate the power unit with combustibles off the platform.


The customer recognized the advantages of using diamond wire saw technology to release and remove the compressors intact, consequently saving expensive dismantling costs and avoiding an interruption in platform operations. The job was completed in 18 days, nearly half the anticipated time and exceeding the customer’s expectation. There were no safety incidents.