Nucor Rolling Mill

Working around the clock, we used eight robotic demolition hammers to break six hundred cubic yards of concrete foundations in just four days in congested work area.
Nucor Steel needed to upgrade its roll mill in Norfolk, Nebraska, and that meant taking out a series of foundations that had supported the old mill equipment. Each foundation measured 6-8′ wide, 12-16′ long, and was 8′ thick. Speed was vital to the success of the project. Bluegrass was hired to deploy the Brokk robotic hammers while other contractors were working in the same area.

“I had experience with Bluegrass in the past,” said Larry Votruba, Nucor’s Construction Contractor Coordinating Supervisor. “Bluegrass proved to be a high quality, dependable contractor capable of completing large projects on schedule.”

Bluegrass met the challenges of schedule and congested space for the mass concrete demolition and removal safely and successfully.


Norfolk, NE



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