Port of Los Angeles


Los Angeles, CA


Manson Construction


Remove Berth 29 at the Port of Los Angeles, a 14.5 ft. diameter concrete and metal sheet pile cell. This required underwater cutting, and segmenting the berth into pieces sized for removal by crane.

Using our patented four wheel drive technology, Bluegrass engineers designed a 15’ underwater diamond wire saw. The saw was built in our Machine Shop and customized specifically for the challenges of this job.

Four cuts were made to segment Berth 29. The first cut at water level yielding a segment weighing 148 tons. The subsequent cuts at 8’, 18’ and 28’ below water line produced segments weighing approximately 123 tons each. Each cut through the metal exterior and concrete interior was successfully completed in 24 hours.



The saw performed to expectation, and the job was completed safely, on schedule, and on budget.

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