Metal Cutting Saws

Our experience precision cutting heavy metals such as iconel, stainless, carbon based alloys, pure copper, exotic steel and zinc makes Bluegrass the industry’s metal cutting specialists.

Our specialized diamond wire saws and cold cutting methods provide options for cutting spark-free in any environment while retaining the integrity of the surrounding structure. Call us when your job requires cutting metal objects as nuclear reactor heads and nozzles, condensers, underwater conductors, pipelines, boiler plates, heavily reinforced concrete, rudders, airplane wings, steel turbine shafts, and compressor foundations.


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wire sawing an airplane wing

Spark-free Diamond Wire Cutting Technology

In circumstances where contamination and containment concerns preclude the use of water cooled equipment, our air cooled dry cutting system is an effective solution. When the integrity of surrounding structures would be compromised by vibration, using diamond wire cutting technology keeps the project on schedule. In combustible environments, our spark-free cutting technology means your operations can continue while our saws are running.

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Bluegrass Bit is a specialty diamond wire cutting and precision demolition contractor offering specialty services for concrete and metal cutting applications. We serve industries worldwide, both on land and subsea. Contact us today about our metal-cutting services.

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