Trojan Nuclear Power Plant

The objective was removing the steam generators, pressurizer, and reactor vessel at Trojan Nuclear Power Plant.


Rainier, OR


Portland General Electric


Accomplishing this required removing bio-shield walls, and cutting an opening in the side of the reactor containment.

Bluegrass technicians drilled rigging and access holes with a core drill, then deployed the diamond wire saws to cut an opening through the containment wall measuring 3’ thick x 25’ wide x 35’ high. The block was cut into 20 sections sized for removal; each weighing approximately 20,000 lbs.

We then cut one complete side and part of the roof which enclosed the pressurizer. The 2’ thick heavily reinforced concrete was then cut into 12 sections weighing approximately 15,000 lbs. each.

Removal of the steam generator required the bio-shield walls to be cut and removed in blocks 1.5’ to 5’ thick. Finally, in order to create adequate clearance for removing the reactor vessel, our diamond wire saws were deployed to cut a section of the reactor cavity floor which was made of concrete 18” thick, with an outer skin of 3/8” stainless steel.


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