Submerged Crane Barge Recovery

We were tasked to cut the pedestal of a 600-ton crane from a crane barge while both were overturned and submerged in water 50′ deep. The vessel’s weight and awkward structure made lifting it as a single unit impractical and extremely difficult.


30 miles south of Intracoastal City, LA


McKinney Salvage


Faced with rough seas and rapidly deteriorating conditions as a storm front approached, Bluegrass technicians and the McKinney Salvage team completed the job within the narrow weather window. This highlighted another advantage of the rail saw design: rapid assembly and uncomplicated positioning. Our operators, who are experienced in underwater cutting, directed the divers who safely expedited saw placement at a depth of 25′ so cutting could commence.

Separate the crane from the barge by cutting its 10’ diameter steel pedestal. The innovative design of our rail saw allows it to quickly adjust to the dimensions of the objective to be cut. For this job we modified a 96” rail saw, extending it to 120” to fit securely around the pedestal.



The proficiency of Bluegrass technicians, combined with our rail saw’s reliability, resulted in a successful cut in 7.5 hours when the crane was released from the barge. Once free, the barge surfaced and McKinney Salvage recovered both.

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