Flood Water Pump Station Retrofit

Two flood water pump stations in St. Bernard Parish, LA were being retrofit with new equipment which required restoring concrete decks to their original condition. Bluegrass was subcontracted by Cayo LLC to perform the flush cuts and core drills.


St. Bernard Parish, LA


Cayo LLC


The pump stations designed to pump water past the Lake Borgne Basin levee system have seen much use since their construction in 1980. When Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, pump stations throughout parishes in and around New Orleans were unable to keep up with the flood and storm waters, and ultimately some stations failed. The US Army Corp of Engineers discovered seepage in Pump Stations 2 and 3, which required retrofitting the station and installing new equipment.


To restore the concrete deck to its original condition on which new equipment could be installed, CAYO, LLC subcontracted Bluegrass to perform the demolition work. We used diamond wire saw technology to flush cut 7 concrete foundations weighing an average of 35,000 lbs each. While on site our technicians also drilled 4” diameter cores through 4’ thick concrete to allow observation of the levee structure beneath the station.


Our experienced crew and proven equipment completed the job 4 shifts ahead of schedule. We mobilized, cut, and remobilized to the second site in under one shift, decreasing the downtime and significantly expediting the project.

The efficient and safe completion of this project can be attributed to Bluegrass’ extensive experience in pump stations and waste water treatment plants during post hurricane cleanups.