Pecan Island Compressor Base Cut

Hilcorp, a repeat customer, hired Bluegrass for a third natural gas compressor foundation removal on a production platform located 8 miles offshore in the GOM.


Pecan Island, LA




The 90,000 lb. compressor sat on I-beams which had been leveled using concrete grout in varying depths. Releasing the 30’ x 16’ unit required first removing concrete to allow access to the I-beams.

Bluegrass was contracted to complete the topside flush cut, allowing the old compressor to be lifted off the platform and replaced with a new one. Over time compressors lose capacity and are often dismantled and removed.


We successfully cut the base using diamond wire technology so the compressor could be moved intact.

Mobilization was supported by Superior Energy’s lift boat “Ability,” which transported technicians, diamond wire saws and a diesel power unit onto the platform.

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