Hiwassee Dam Slot Cut

Stress Relief Slot Cutting Successfully Completed at Hiwassee Dam


Cherokee County, NC


Tennessee Valley Authority


Cutting the two 15mm wide slots included encounters with metal grounding rods embedded in the concrete, and the need to strategically cut around pipes and wires. Mindful of ecological impacts and using sound environmental practices, Bluegrass minimized water usage and contained, recycled, filtered and disposed of the resulting slurry. Although this job involved extreme working conditions with high hazard lifts and inclement weather, we completed the work on time with no environmental or safety incidents.

Using custom-built diamond wire saws, and state of the art concrete sawing technology, Bluegrass technicians made two precisely located vertical slot cuts in the 307’ high Hiwassee Dam, completing the job on schedule with a perfect safety record and no damage to the environment.

The cuts in the concrete gravity dam were engineered to proactively release compression stress caused by AAR (Alkalai Aggregate Reaction). Vertical cuts release accumulated pressure, allowing manageable movement in the structure and unhindered operation of the gates. Successful concrete cutting requires careful planning by experienced engineers deploying project-specific diamond wire saws and support structures operated by Bluegrass’ skilled technicians.


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