Ghent Power Plant Retrofit

The coal-fired power station was fulfilling an emissions control upgrade requirement called a Particulate and Mercury Retrofit (aka Baghouse). The job at Ghent Generating Station required removing concrete foundations for an Induced Draft (ID) Fan Motor, and adding new micro piles.


Ghent, KY


To add the micro piles, it was necessary to drill eleven 12” diameter core holes 6’ deep in reinforced concrete. Removing the ID Fan Motor foundations required cutting the blocks into sections sized for removal. During a previous maintenance outage, the core drilling took 30 days to complete. This time Bluegrass was hired, and the core holes and foundation cutting was done in 7 days.


This was an uncomplicated job, doing what Bluegrass does best: mobilizing men and equipment to efficiently complete the work on schedule so the project was able to progress. Using diamond wire saws and core drills, we successfully drilled the holes and cut the foundation into blocks, completing the project on time and with no safety incidents.

“I just want to let you know that your guys have done a JAM UP job out here! I am very pleased with their performance. Thank you.” --Brian McElroy, KBR Subcontract Manager.

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