Brunswick Nuclear Core Drilling

As part of the Brunswick Nuclear Plant Unit 1 Condensate Margin Project, we were contracted to drill a 42” diameter hole through the 3’ thick Condensate Pit wall using a diamond core drill.

Drilling of the hole and removing the concrete core was the first item of the critical path for the project. The entire project schedule was based on getting the hole completed as fast as possible to allow for installation of the new 36 inch header pipe. Once the shutdown started the hole was successfully drilled ahead of schedule with zero safety or environmental issues.


Access was severely limited in the pit with virtually no overhead room due to an existing catwalk. The hole had to be drilled to exact tolerance to allow the prefabricated header to properly fit. Mock-up testing proved the setup and bracing would work in the tight space including allowing for rigging and removal of the 5,000 lb. concrete core.

Concrete Core Drill