Industrial Diamond Wire Sawing

Bluegrass is proud to be the pioneer of diamond wire cutting. Created in 1979, the diamond wire saw has been a fundamental component of our expertise as a concrete cutting contractor for decades. Due to its unparalleled efficiency and possibility for diverse applications, this saw has been used in all major industries to cut concrete and metal structures along with a wide variety of other materials and objects. 

A Diamond Wire Saw cutting through a metal cylinder

What is a Diamond Wire Saw?

The diamond wire saw is a unique type of wire saw that uses a hydraulic motor to drive a main wheel and steadily pull a diamond wire along the cut path. The diamond beads then do the cutting work by utilizing the force of friction. This precision concrete cutting saw can cut through a variety of materials to precise tolerances in any environment, even underwater.

A Diamond Wire Saw cutting through a metal cylinder
Rail saw cutting bridge piers
A diamond wire saw cutting through concrete

Custom Diamond Wire Concrete Saws

At Bluegrass, our commitment to delivering exceptional results means we frequently design and fabricate custom diamond wire saws to specifically address the unique requirements of your job. By combining our engineering expertise with the latest cutting-edge technology, we create diamond wire saws that are robust, precise, and efficient. This enables us to go beyond the industry standards and execute complex concrete sawing jobs flawlessly while minimizing waste and project costs. .

Precision Concrete Cutting for Various Industries

Our diamond wire sawing services cater to a wide range of industry-specific expertise and capabilities. Accordingly, we excel in delivering top-notch concrete and metal-cutting solutions. Browse this list of the industries we serve.


Diamond saw cutting in the nuclear industry requires equipment that can make precise cuts through thick, heavily reinforced concrete structures. Our diamond wire saw stands as the sole tool capable of handling such intricate tasks. This distinction places the Bluegrass team at the forefront of the nuclear demolition sector in the United States and beyond


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Heavy Civil

Our ability to custom design and build diamond wire saws to meet the job requirements allows us to complete heavy civil projects quickly and efficiently. This saves our clients time and money and ensures your project is completed correctly the first time.


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Heavy Industrial

In the heavy industrial sector, diamond wire saws are extensively employed for accurate and efficient concrete-cutting operations. Our team of engineers specializes in custom fabricating and constructing these saws to suit a variety of industrial environments. This ensures that every cut is precise, minimizing waste and significantly reducing the time required for demolition tasks.

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Heavy Metal

Utilizing our diamond wire saws guarantees efficient and precise cutting, facilitating the smooth incorporation of new machinery or the effective dismantling of outdated structures. Likewise, our saws can cut in wet environments to guarantee your job can be successfully completed in spark-free conditions.

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Working conditions in the offshore industry are challenging, but our diamond saw cutting services provide reliable solutions for concrete or metal cutting and removal above or underwater.

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Our Unique Advantage

No Middle Man – In-house R&D lowers your costs

Attention to Detail – Exact cuts and fully prepped equipment

Raw Resources – 100,000+ feet of diamond wire and 60+ saws

Specialized Saws – Inventory includes plunge, underwater, land, and custom saws

Pioneer Experience – We started the diamond wire demolition industry

Customized Equipment – We custom-build our saws to meet job requirements

Experience the Precision and Efficiency of the Bluegrass Concrete Cutting Saw Today

When you need metal or concrete sawing for your operations, allow Bluegrass to fulfill your needs. Connect with our diamond wire cutting experts today.

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