Concrete cutting

Concrete cutting is our fundamental specialty.

As the industry’s concrete cutting experts, Bluegrass Companies and our subsidiary Bluegrass Concrete Cutting Incorporated (BCCI) stand by our claim that Bluegrass men and equipment are capable of cutting concrete of any scope and dimension, to precise specifications, in all condition.  

Our engineering team is constantly customizing equipment and developing technologies specifically for cutting concrete – to improve performance, accuracy and efficiency, minimize effluents, simplify mobilization and enhance safe operations.   We design and fabricate our own diamond wire saws in the Machine Shop, and our technicians are trained with this primary objective in mind.  When you call with a concrete cutting problem, we have the solution and are ready to go.

Bluegrass concrete cutting expertise is enhanced by the additional services we provide:  metal cutting, core drilling, concrete demolition, and concrete shaving.

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Our experts are available to provide a quote or discuss your project. We have delivered creative concrete and metal cutting solutions since 1979, and welcome the opportunity to assist you.

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The Bluegrass culture promotes a safety first attitude. On job sites our technicians are prepared, aware, equipped and committed to safe practices.

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We mobilize a full spectrum of resources to deliver prompt, successful results: highly trained personnel, dependable equipment, diamond wire saws, robotic hammers, a machine shop and more.

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If your question is not answered here, contact us to discuss your project. Our experienced staff is prepared to provide solutions to any metal and concrete demolition challenge.

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