In 2013 a cargo ship in the Java Sea struck Kodeco Energy’s KE-40 offshore production platform causing the structure to list at a 40 degree angle.  Production halted immediately, resulting in a loss of more than 1600 barrels a day.  
CHALLENGE:  Rapid mobilization of technicians and equipment to the Java Sea.  Bluegrass and other contractors scrambled to put a safe remote dismantling plan together, thereby eliminating the need for personnel on board the platform in the dangerous environment.  Three pipes 1” - 1.5” thick with diameters of 48”, 48” and 60” had to be cut simultaneously, then braced so the platform would remain upright until it could be lifted onto a barge.
SOLUTION:   Experienced at working with owners and contractors in the offshore industry around the world, Bluegrass collaborated with the contractors to customize our patented diamond wire saws with fixtures to facilitate the removal.  The Machine Shop expedited fabrication of the custom-engineered equipment, and the 3 underwater wire saws (two 36” and one 60”) were simultaneously deployed to cut through the caisson and two multi-string conductors of the platform while a custom-engineered clamp held the rig in place.  Given the 40 degree list of the rig there was danger of suddenly releasing stored energy.  
The cuts through numerous non-grouted strings and steel casings 2 inches thick took 8 hours to complete.  The clamping device was then released and a marine crane lifted the platform topside as one unit and placed it on a barge.
OUTCOME:  The Bluegrass engineering team worked alongside the clients throughout the project to accomplish a rapid, safe, efficient removal of the damaged platform.

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