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Concrete Shaving at ISFSI Site

PROJECT:  Concrete pads at the South Texas Project ISFSI (Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation) site did not meet criteria when poured.  To meet the strict regulation criteria, each 11’ diameter circle where a spent fuel cask would rest on the concrete pad had to be shaved to within the 1/16th inch specified tolerance.

CHALLENGES:   In order to effectively hit the high spots the shaving head had to automatically index, on both X and Y axes, a controllable depth adjustment of 1/16th inch.   In addition, due to new OSHA silica regulations, 100% dust containment was required.
SOLUTION:  Bluegrass designed, fabricated and deployed a self-contained diamond shaver which operated using a datum point to automatically index on both X and Y axes at each cask location.  The 12’ x 12’ shaver frame was levelled using a laser to ensure the shaver head did not vary as it traversed the nd Y axes.  Using this method we were able to navigate the entire cask-bearing area, shaving all high spots to within specified tolerances.  Dust was controlled using our HEPA-equipped Pentek vacumes.
OUTCOME:  Frame by frame, shaving a total of 51 12’ x 12’ cask sites, we completed the job in 25 days leaving concrete pads which passed inspection.
Concrete shaving, ISFSI


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