Offshore Project Highlights 2008 - Current

Completed over 5,000 cuts to date


Location: Gulf of Mexico

Description: Hurricane restoration, plug and abandonment, pipeline decommissioning and Platform segmentation

Cut Sizes: 10" (0.25 Meter) to 80" (2 Meter) Diameter single and multi-string conductors

I-Beam Cuts-Platform Segmentation

Water Depth Diver: Up to 250ft (76 Meters)

Water Depth ROV: Up to 3,000ft (914 Meters)



Location: South Australia

Description: Pile Cutting

Cut Size: 60" (1.5 Meter) Diameter x 3/4" (20mm) Wall

Average Cut Time: 1.5 Hrs

Water Depth: 65ft (20 Meters)



Location: Gulf of Suez

Description: Platform Decommissioning

Cut Size: 20" (0.5 Meter) Diameter Conductors, 30" (0.76 Meter) Diameter platform legs

Water Depth: 130ft (40 Meters)

ROV Deployed

Average Cut Time: 1.25 Hrs



Location: Brunei (South China Sea)

Description: Pipeline Cutting

Cut Sizes: 10" (0.25 Meter) Diameter Pipeline

Water Depth: 120ft (36 Meters)

Average Cut Time: 15 Minutes



Location: Azerbaijan (Caspian Sea)

Description: Mud gate valve removal cutting

Cut Sizes: 22" (0.55 Meter) Square 1/2" (13mm) thick plate

Top Side Cutting

Average Cut Time: 15 Minutes



Location: Surabaya (Java Sea)

Description: Platform Recovery due to Cargo Ship impact

Cut Sizes: 60" (1.5 Meter) Diameter with 12 inside strings (Qty 1).

36" (0.9 Meter) Diameter with 8 inside strings (Qty 2)

Top Side Cutting

Average Cut Time: 9 Hours (Running 2 saws simultaneously). This option was engineered to allow for stability during topside life. The saws were mounted to the two legs prior to lift vessel attachment, once attached the two saws completed the cut.




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