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Underwater Cutting

Understanding the unique challenges cutting underwater, Bluegrass designs and builds customized diamond wire saws for each project emphasizing robust equipment, ease of operation and simplicity of deployment.

All Bluegrass underwater saws can be fitted with a hydraulic clamping system, with a diver clamping system, and/or with ROV attachments and connections (a Hot Stab Panel). Designing and fabricating our own saws means they can be serviced by our technicians in the field, and specialty parts can be immediately fabricated. In addition to reliable equipment, the continuous loop diamond wire we use has a proven track record which means predictable outcomes for our customers.

Designed for zero-visibility waters:

• Wide berth on hydraulic clamps means divers can successfully ring structure faster.
• Large berth allows saw to loosely ring structure topside, prior to deployment, then clamp into place at desired depth.
• Hydraulic clamp is self-centering. If ringed off-center, saw self-adjusts to center for clamping.
• Operate at depths to 4,000 ft

Underwater Diamond Wire Saw

Our Unique Advantage

  • No Middle Man – in-house R&D lowers your costs
  • Attention to Detail – exact cuts and fully prepped equipment
  • Raw Resources – 100,000+ feet of diamond wire and 60+ saws
  • Specialized Saws – plunge, underwater, land, and custom saws
  • Pioneer Experience – we started diamond wire demolition


A History Built on Innovation and Future Built on Experience.

In 1979 Bluegrass became the first demolition company to use diamond wire saws for controlled demolition. Since then, our saws have been used in all major industries to cut an array of materials and objects, but primarily concrete and metal structures. Cutting through anything from steel encased concrete and concrete retaining walls, to heavily reinforced rebar, Bluegrass saws and operators earned a reputation for consistently delivering a reliable and cost effective solution.

This originally land base sawing technique would eventually see depths of 5000+ feet when we introduced our patented underwater diamond wire saw in the early 21st century. To date there has not been a job we cannot do.

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