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We are an experienced and reliable marine demolition contractor with equipment engineered and tested for concrete cutting and drilling above and below waterline.  For cutting jobs on wharfs, piers and ports, mooring docks, dolphins, and any other structural modification and demolition jobs, our customized diamond wire saws can adapt for any contingency while delivering precise cuts and maintaining structural integrity in the complex conditions of the marine environment.

Port Concrete Demolition

Marine Specialties and Jobs

Wharf: Diamond wire saw capabilities and reliability above and below waterline means marine contractors confidently turn to Bluegrass for their precision concrete and metal cutting needs on wharf dismantling and modification projects.

Mooring Dolphins: Bluegrass technicians have successfully cut and dismantled mooring dolphins in large sections utilizing diamond wire saws.

Ship Shaft: The 20” diameter rudder control shaft on a Brazilian ship was successfully cut underwater with a Bluegrass diamond wire saw mounted to the hull.

Pier and Port: For structural modifications such as pile cutting above and below waterline, often in high profile and time sensitive situations, the Bluegrass advantage is reliable custom built equipment and proficient operators who deliver consistent results on schedule. See an example with our Port of Los Angeles Berth Removal Project.