Lock and Dam

Bluegrass has experience with projects such as upgrading miter gates, modifications, log flume cuts, stress relief cuts, bridge column shafts, and robotic hammering dam faces.   Bluegrass has been providing specialized services as a contractor for dam modifications in industries including fish bypass systems and hydro-electric for over 3 decades. 

Bluegrass Companies Dam Modifications Lock and Dam Modifications

Notch Cuts for new Bulkhead • Lock 10

JF Brennan • Gutenberg, IA

Miter Gate Modifications •   London Lock & Dam

 OCCI • London, WV


These projects have also involved seismic upgrade requirements including the construction of a new back-up dam in the event that the original dam ever failed. The professional Bluegrass team has worked on dam upgrades that involved the construction of a combined roller-compacted concrete (RCC) mid-section and rockfill berms and back filling in the toe of the dam to depths of 60 feet. Read More

Whether you are looking for dam removal, demolition, modifications, or restoration, Bluegrass has the equipment and expertise to execute your project.


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The Bluegrass culture promotes a safety first attitude. On job sites our technicians are prepared, aware, equipped and committed to safe practices.

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