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SONGs Decommissioning Support

The first phase was to cut and remove concrete interferences in order to remove the large components consisting of three steam generators and the pressurizer. The concrete enclosure roofs for each component was cut and removed in approximately 10,000 pound pieces.

The second phase was to cut the reactor nozzles off of the vessel within strict tolerances so the vessel would fit into its canister. Each of the six nozzles was 42 inches in diameter with a wall thickness of 12 inches. To prevent the spread of contamination, Bluegrass eliminated the use of water for cooling and instead used Carbon Dioxide as a cooling and cleaning agent. Once the cuts were completed the residue left to clean was the fine metal shavings. 



Above: Nozzle cutting in progress and after completion. Average cutting time for the six nozzles was 22 hours. No water or other liquid coolants were used. This minimized waste, and simplified the cleanup process.


 The third phase consisted of cutting a portion of the concrete Sphere Enclosure Building where it was in very close proximity to the spent fuel pool. This was a very sensitive activity so each cut and lift was carefully planned. All work was performed from elevated platforms with access from only one side. The three foot thick wall was cut and removed in 18,000 to 20,000 pound pieces. All work was completed safely and the integrity of the spent fuel building was not compromised.

Above: Nozzle cut after completion.  The nozzle measured 42 inches in diameter and had a 12 inch thick carbon wall with 1/2 inch thick stainless cladding.  The finished surface was smooth and flat.


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